how to impress a boy

how to impress a boy

how to impress a boy:

Welcome to my blog, let’s discuss on this topic how to impress a boy with these 11 amazing ways. You should use these 11 tips for pleasing your husband or for pleasing your mate, and you will remain in your mind even after you away from him.

For a man, physical attraction is important. But is not everything. An attractive face can hold the attention of a man for a few seconds. But to impress a man you’ll need more than that. Have you ever wondered why some women get more attention than others? Why would a woman who has achieved as good looks that men fall in love with her?

how to please your man and make him want you

The features you need to how to please your man:

  • If you want to impress a man, the first exercise we need master is this. You need to be pleasing and friendly with him, but at the same time make you look like you’re not available.
  • I am mutual flirting with a man but do not start it. Always make him see that it was he who did all the courtship. That is the key to impressing a man and make him fall in love with you.
  • When you laugh at his jokes, or you blush with flattery, show him that you can impress. At the same time, when you do nothing to please him, he will strive more to impress and please you because it knows you do not already have won.
  • You have to show him the door of your heart but make him hard to get to it. By doing this, he will respect you more and will become crazy for trying to impress.

how to impress a boy with 11 different ways?

A great woman who is desired by men is challenging to state, but not arrogant. It’s nice to share with her but never tries to impress a man. Do you want to be that kind of woman to like your man? Keep in mind these 11 characteristics and desired and will be amazed at all the men you want.
# 1 Do not be prejudiced
But at the same time do not be submissive. If you do not like something, say it, but do not create a big problem with it. Maybe the man you like is passionate about things you do not appreciate, but that does not mean you should insult him for it. Show interest in what you say and share your honest opinion about it without being judgmental.

No. 2 Punish him when cocky
Are you the type of woman who forgives the man when it makes you wait half an hour before appearing? Never let a man you take for granted or lightly. At the beginning of the relationship, or when you’re just learning, it is very important to make sure that man takes you seriously. Stay away if you ignore or do not pay attention, speaking curtly when he pays more attention to somebody else.

# 3 Smile and laugh a lot when you’re with him
A man hypnotizes with a woman’s laughter. Laugh at their jokes if you think funny, and offer him your full attention when you are with him. No need to start many conversations, just sit back and let him know you enjoy his company. He will do the rest and will be impressed by you too.

No. 4 Debate with him and Beat
Men are amazed by the emotional intelligence of a woman. Never let a man thinks he is smarter than you.
Pay attention to what happens in your world and talk about it with him. A foolish woman can be attractive for a couple of hours, but in the end will be the target of his jokes. When a man thinks you’re not smart, you will see how one woman for fun, not a partner for a long-term relationship.

# 5 Be Naughty
The naughty side of a woman turns any man. Sit close to him and feel as you start to feel nervous. Roza your body to yours, but do look like an accident. Behave like a shy woman but tiéntalo innocently.

# 6 Do not give up easily
Remember this if you want a man to go crazy for you. Even if you like a man, do not give up so easily and try to please him from the start. When you try to please your man very quickly, he will begin to take lightly because you know that already own. If you are a normal man, no longer try to impress. Although as you like, you do not express that take weeks thinking about it. Meet him and talk, but make sure it is completely in love with you before you tell her.

No. 7 Impress with your looks
Dress well and look good whenever you’re with him. You may think that the person who likes you, you should not judge you, but this is not always true. If you go with a man and you dress sloppily, you do not think that will be disappointed when you walk along the street? Luce your best, dazzles everyone around you, and the man you love will feel very fortunate to talk with you.

No. 8 Smells good
Let your fragrance will stay with him when I hug to say goodbye or walk beside him. Men do like to smell a good perfume, especially that of a woman in which they are interested. Test and select various perfumes which go best with your personality. Put on some perfume on your wrist, behind your ears and around your neck or just below your collarbone. Put some in your hair and so leave behind a fragrance when you walk near the man.
Remember not to rub the perfume with your hands because you eliminate the fragrance.

# 9 Be kind to everyone

Men do instinctively attracted to women who are friendly and look nice and accessible. Be kind when you talk to the men, even if you do not want to date them. Do not insult a man trying to talk to you just because it’s not a big talker. At the same time, you do not have to put up with men who treat you disrespectfully.

# 10 Be spontaneous and joyful

Do not be boring and you avoid conversation. Even if you’re with friends, get involved with them and actively participates in the conversation. Men may shy women like them, but nobody appreciates someone who looks like part of the decor. Participate in activities, have fun, and even when you’re with a man you like, you we’re too predictable. Interrupt him in the middle of a conversation and ask her to accompany you somewhere, just because you caused. When you are spontaneous and unpredictable, man’s attempt to please because we still do not understand that you like and what not.

No. 11 Show him the competition

Do not ignore the rest of men who offer you their attention. When you let a man know you’re only interested in talking to him, he will take that and fell at his feet. Speaks sweetly with other cute men, flirts casually and have fun, even if your man is there. Remember that you are not dating him, so let him see that it has jurisdiction and should strive if you want to leave with you exclusively. The more competition, the more you will respect and want to impress and dazzle.


how to please your husband, pleasing your husband, how to impress a boy

how to please your husband

“how to please your husband”? Read the amazing tips:

How to please your husband this is the most common problem for married females. Unfortunately,  it is becoming increasingly well-known to see countless couples break for not following some simple steps that will get your husband fall back toward your touch and contact with love!!

How to please your husband?

If you feel your husband is no longer so attached to you as before, using the best weapons you have at your fingertips. Clearly, if your husband fell in love with you. It is that was very attractive qualities in you, but it’s obvious that when you begin to know in depth to a person, the negative qualities begin to emerge.

It is precisely at this point where many couples can not stand where many couples fail.

A couple who want to strengthen the ties of love must be motivated and feel that in one way or another depend on you. If there is some dependency between the two, it is when things start to get complicated to know how to impress a boy. Hence the importance of knowing how to win my husband always to keep at your side.

how to please your man every day?

Coexistence in many cases can be very difficult, which is why it is vital to engage the full to prevent the relationship will deteriorate over time. With three simple steps, you can achieve again capture the attention of your husband and come back to win her heart again. So how to conquer my husband?

Watch your physical life and activities: A high percentage of women who marry start to lose their appeal over time due to neglect, lack of time, trust with her husband, among many other reasons. A common and common misconception among women. If you want, your husband only has eyes for you take care of your physical in all aspects, because otherwise your husband will lose all interest in you. And maintained a healthy life is fundamental.

Social life: Many couples fit and forget full of friends, hardly have a social life. This very common mistake can only have negative consequences for the couple. It is key to have a social life that makes your husband feel that is an important and needy person to your friends, so the flame of love life will continue. Stay home every day will not be a solution.

Do things together: Another key point to know how to conquer my husband is doing things together with your husband that go far beyond the daily routine. And the routine can be harmful in a relationship, either watch TV or go for a drink at the bar. It is essential to find new incentives, find new things to do together to feed the love between them.

  • How to conquer my husband:  Routine days are not remembered, remembered the special days. Take a trip, go to a spa, go for a walk in a special place, the options are endless.
  • If you want your relationship to last over time it begins to implement these three basic points and key to keep the flame of love.
  • This is the starting point. Find the step of the simplest techniques of how to conquer my husband in the book back to him Andres Cazares.
  • Never too late to regain the love and passion that once existed between you.
  • Look at the most effective of how to win back my husband and relive the magical moment of a couple in love techniques.

Keeping up a healthy relationship

It is always working on a relationship. Whether your relationship with yourself, a loved one or a person in your neighborhood.

How do you wear your part for a healthy relationship?

Knowing who you are!

  • I mean of course not that you know your name and what your hobbies are. Know that you are unique, you know you’re special, you know you’re worth it and know that you’re special.
  • We often talk as negative as I’m not good at relationships, “I’m not good enough” or “I’m not attractive enough.” You are great and if you last say you make a fallacy!
  • Know who you really are and never forget it! Find your inner source and hold it tightly. It will be an anchor in stormy times.

Learn to be happy whatever anyone else does

If you let your happiness depend on what someone else does or does not do, that’s a recipe for disaster! Find and make the passion in your life and go things that make you happy. You are therefore less dependent on another.


What is a relationship without trust? Trust the other person! Do not think of negativity but always go from the positive. Should the trust be ashamed then you’ve learned a lesson and you can determine which relationships are important to you?

Focus on the good

Make it a habit to you concentrate on the fine points of the other person. Not insist on what can all look different but once decided to leave it alone, accepting what is and focus on your life and happiness. Focus on all the good of the other person and what is around you. Often dominates negativities and turn it again to now. Let dominate positivity!


Do you love yourself you will then transfer that radiate and attract more clients? You will not need to look for another one because you’re able to give this to yourself!

A disappointment in another is a disappointment in yourself!

It is also the stepping of self-love if you choose the right people around you. You will not benefit if people ever get down, complaining, gossiping and negative. Why would you let this poison you?

The first step is to have a healthy relationship with yourself before you start a relationship with someone else. Read the Feel Good Guide Yourself

What qualities are you looking for in relationships?

Have no expectations

Often we have expectations of another, and if this expectation is not met then, we are disappointed. What expectations do you have another? Are you doing something to get something in return? And what if you do not get it? Has the relationship than a “dent” sustained?

Communicate if you expect something from another, you do not have to be disappointed! Do you expect that boils the other? Then ask the other whether this will actually cook or learn to live with the thought that everything goes as it goes.

Have you expectations? If you reduce your expectations to zero, then you appreciate everything you do for someone.


Paying attention is becoming increasingly scarce and all the way through the advent of smartphones, tablets, etc. It is very important to give a piece of undivided attention to one another. Usually, it’s already there to be just enough for the other.

Keep the people who have to pay attention to love. What makes you focus on growing. The relationship will only grow.


We all make mistakes. Mistakes, you learn again. Admit your mistakes and talk about this. Make sure this is not the relationship in the we start.

Recognize ‘nerve.’

If someone just getting to know a storage and eligible person not blame it on your response. You can not change another only yourself and how you react to a situation. Learn to recognize your “nerve” and recognize it as you begin to react. Stop! Do something else to change your reaction. Leave the area or make a gesture with your hands. Take a deep breath and say for example that you just walk away to breathe. Sometimes it is silent and not respond the best method. Your chord says something about you!